‘art is not about painting illusions, but about facing real things and life,’a phrase that a friend  of mine said , and I’m still guided by that.

My undergraduate is animation, I gradually realized in the undergraduate study process, a work, the most important thing is its story core and meaning, not its form, so I have a clearer plan for my own artistic path, my artistic creation should not be limited to two-dimensional space, should be multi-dimensional and multi-art form integration. Second, I feel that my knowledge reserve is very scarce, I can’t reach the height I want to reach, and there are not only practical courses in contemporary art practice with a variety of expression media, but also research on the humanities and philosophical aesthetics, which is what I want to learn.

There is no art in the world, only artists. The biggest problem in this professional field is that the works of the predecessors are too stunning, the standards of later generations are changing, and most young artists cannot maintain independent thinking and simple creative feelings throughout, leaving only empty self-expression. Contemporary art must be invigorated and infused with new vitality. Creation is an eternal desire that transcends time. For myself, I often feel dissatisfied, which is self-annoyance with the lack of creative means, and a sense of weakness in promoting the social and humanistic field, and I can only continue to try to clarify the direction in learning and creating.It is heartening that some interdisciplinary research has expanded the expression of art and changed the way art is disseminated, and many young people in the art profession, including me, have constructed the context of contemporary art with a broader attitude.



Beijing Film Academy
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Major: Animation (Animation Art)
Overall GPA: 2.86/4.00
Core Courses: Modeling Foundation, Animation Analysis, Foundation of Chinese and Foreign Literature, Painting, Animation Production, 3D Model, Sculpture, Fundamentals of Photo Photography, Animation Design I (Animation Video Modeling Design), Animation Design I (Video Creation 1), Animation Design I (Animation Video Scene Design), Animation Design II (Digital Special Effects Editing Synthesis), etc.


Guest Artist, CHINA INTERNATIONAL IMPORT EXPO 30/10/2020 – 10/11/2020 Responsible for making a video of the wave which was played on a LED display screen of 2000m2

Organizer, Campus Lecture of Ali Game 02/04/2018-09/04/2018 Assisted Ali Game in propaganda, organized campus recruitment examination, and informed students of all majors to participate in various activities

Volunteer, International Volunteer Program in Semporna 22/07/2018-29/07/2018 Helped the children of Bayao Nationality, donated books, paintbrushes and other stationery for them; carried out beach cleaning work and learned to incubate sea turtles

Organizer, Weta Workshop Campus Speech 04/11/2017 Planned and organized activities, did publicity work for the workshop, and established a good school-enterprise cooperation relationship


7th Place in Men’s Group C of 2016 Beijing Capital University fencing individual competition 04/12/2016